Grail of Power Order of Thaddeus Book 5

EmmausWay Press #ad - Spanning historic europe and medieval church history, the agents race to solve this threatening puzzle until the final pieces are brought together in a final showdown that will leave readers all at once breathless and inspired. Grail of power leverages the familiar conspiracy suspense of dan brown, the special-ops muscle of James Rollins’s Sigma Force novels, and the historical insight of Steve Berry’s Cotton Malone series to deliver an explosive religious conspiracy thriller with a technothriller edge— plumbing the depths and significance of the most recognizable religious figure in history: Jesus of Nazareth.

Combining fact, faith, and fiction like few contemporary religious writers, J. A legendary quest. But when fellow sepio agent matt gapinski shows up on his beach with a secret mission straight from the Vatican, he knows trouble has found him once again. Bouma weaves an adventurous, action-packed page-turner new readers will devour—while offering several explosive reveals that will leave fans of the inventive series satisfied with long-awaited answers.

Grail of Power Order of Thaddeus Book 5 #ad - Grab the 5th book in the bestselling series readers have exclaimed: “Indiana Jones, step aside, I have a new hero - Silas Grey!”. Blood with the power to save. Silas grey is taking a much-needed vacation after the year has turned his life on end. And soon it becomes clear an ancient cultic threat is seeking a mythic religious relic:the Holy Grail that held the blood of Jesus Christ.

But is it so mythical? and why is the church’s archenemy so desperate to find it?Those two haunting questions launch the SEPIO agents on their most harrowing mission yet with a clock ticking to find answers just before Christmas.


Templars Rising Order of Thaddeus Book 6

EmmausWay Press #ad - Three hundred were slaughtered, sixty more were taken as slaves—and nine men rose to avenge their deaths and pledge their lives to “the defense of Jerusalem and the protection of pilgrims. The knights templar, robed in white with crimson crosses and armed to protect Christians from threatening persecution.

Nine hundred years later, a series of similar devastating, coordinated attacks leaves the Church reeling during Holy Week—and bewildered by the possibility that the legendary Knights of Christ have risen from the shadows of legend into the light of activation. When the order of thaddeus, is embroiled in the mayhem without any answers, SEPIO launches its most harrowing operation yet—to not only protect the Church and bring the perpetrators to justice, ancient defender of the Christian faith, but to confront the mysterious men in white avenging Christian persecution once again.

Templars rising is a story of faith and persecution, the special-ops muscle of james rollins’s Sigma Force novels, vengeance and martyrdom that leverages the familiar conspiracy suspense of Dan Brown, and the historical insight of Steve Berry’s Cotton Malone series—delivering an explosive religious thriller that abandons Hollywood-style Templar conspiracies for the remarkable historical truth behind the ancient religious order.

Templars Rising Order of Thaddeus Book 6 #ad - In a truly original story ripped from the unreported headlines chronicling the horrifying persecution of the worldwide Church, J. A. A legend 900 years in the making rises again to protect the ChurchThe day before Easter 1119, 700 unarmed Jerusalem Christian pilgrims were savagely attacked by Muslims from two nearby cities.

Bouma combines fact, faith, action-packed page-turner with a compelling, and fiction like few contemporary religious storytellers—weaving an adventurous, inspiring message for believers and non-believers alike about the nature of faith and ones unashamed commitment to it—even unto death.


American God Order of Thaddeus Book 4

EmmausWay Press #ad - His career is in jeopardy, and there’s a presidential election upending the status quo—a three-way race between a Catholic Democrat, a Mormon Republican, the woman he cares about is in the hospital, and an Evangelical Independent. But when the election takes a remarkably dramatic turn, it becomes apparent that a conspiracy threatens not only America, but also the Church.

And the mystery medallion is revealed to be rooted in a more explosive origin stretching back to the early decades of America’s founding and the founding of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Silas and the order’s sepio operatives embark on a timely mission ripped from the headlines to protect the integrity of the authentic Church.

American God Order of Thaddeus Book 4 #ad - The authentic Christian faith. So when a former classmate shows up with a mysterious medallion with ancient markings of conflicting origin, he knows trouble is on the horizon. He also knows exactly whom to call: the ancient religious Order of Thaddeus, protector of the Christian faith stretching back two millennia.

A. Never more at risk. Ex-ranger-turned-professor Silas Grey is at an all-time low. Bouma weaves a tale that leverages the familiar elements of dan Brown’s religious conspiracy and James Rollin’s special-ops suspense, informed by Steve Berry’s historical insights—delivering an explosively gripping political thriller with a religious edge that is thoroughly rooted in historical and religious fact.

Join the action-packed fourth book in the inventive bestselling archaeological thriller series that will leave you holding your breath at every turn.


Hidden Covenant Order of Thaddeus Book 3

EmmausWay Press #ad - But soon it is clear things are not as they seem—and the struggle has never been greater for the Church. Because not only is there a startling discovery that changes the mission entirely. What happened to it and where did it go?The world is about to find out. Silas grey—ex-army ranger and leading relics professor—is drawn back into the fray with an urgent mission from the ancient religious Order of Thaddeus after a former professor makes headlines for unveiling the location of the Lost Ark.

A. Fact: the ark served as the central religious artifact of the ancient Israelites for worship and sacrifice. Fact: around 586 bc the ark vanished from Israel’s temple, never to be seen again. Bouma leverages the familiar elements of dan brown’s religious conspiracy and James Rollin’s special-ops suspense, informed by Steve Berry’s historical insights and Joel Rosenberg’s thrilling inspiration—delivering “a passionate historical fiction that draws you into the story from the very beginning.

Engage this propulsive new archaeological thriller adventure straddling thrill and thought, faith and doubt—combining fact, faith, and fiction like few contemporary religious writers. Matt gapinski and a new sepio recruit track a high-value operative of the Order’s ancient nemesis that reveals the stakes are even higher for both the ancient Jewish relic and the Christian faith.

Hidden Covenant Order of Thaddeus Book 3 #ad - In this explosive third adventure in the bestselling order of Thaddeus religious conspiracy thriller series, twists and turns spanning three continents will leave you wondering where the Ark of the Covenant has been hidden for two and a half millennia—and what would happen to the world religious scene if it were found.

Will silas and the sepio operatives stop the threat against the Church and the Ark before it’s too late?Once again, emerging author J.


The Thirteenth Apostle Order of Thaddeus Book 2

EmmausWay Press #ad - A. What if the story of jesus isn’t the one that happened?after terrorists attack a cathedral in Chicago and steal an ancient relic belonging to one of Jesus’ apostles, ex-Army Ranger and professor of religious studies Silas Grey chances upon someone from his past who appears with a remarkable offer.

Eli denton invites silas to help him verify one of early Christianity’s most recent—and most controversial—archaeological finds: The Gospel of Judas. Containing “the secret account of the revelation that Jesus spoke with Judas Iscariot, ” it tells a remarkably different story than the one contained in the Church’s recognized Gospels.

The Thirteenth Apostle Order of Thaddeus Book 2 #ad - With this grave threat against the apostolic memory deepening, Silas’s mission to uncover the mysteries of the Gospel of Judas and motives of his friend is made more urgent—but there are doubts, and his efforts are thwarted at every turn. Can he preserve the eyewitness memory of jesus’ earliest apostles before jesus’ story is altered forever?The Thirteenth Apostle is the second book in the bestselling Order of Thaddeus action-adventure thriller series that leverages the familiar conspiracy suspense of Dan Brown and special-ops thrill of James Rollins, wrapped in the historical insight of Steve Berry and inspiration of Ted Dekker.

Join this explosively inventive, action-packed adventure by emerging author J. Bouma, straddling thrill and thought, faith and doubt—a ride people are saying “will not only excite and thrill you but give you something to think about and inspire you. ”. But the motives of this long-lost friend are mysterious, and the consequences for Silas’s faith are ominous.


Holy Shroud Order of Thaddeus Book 1

EmmausWay Press #ad - Soon it becomes clear that an ancient cultic enemy has risen to once again wage war against the Church and destroy the Christian faith—beginning with its most sacred relic and teaching. Bouma that combines faith, fact, and fiction like few religious writers—delivering a “highly entertaining” and “compelling” page-turner people have all agreed “you won't want to put it down!”.

A sacred relic. An ancient threat. They are a sign of an even greater threat reemerging from the shadows of history. Coming to his aid is the order of Thaddeus, a religious order that has been battling for the very survival of the Church since its birth. A. Spanning the globe from washington to paris to Jerusalem, Silas and the Order combine forces to plunge into a desperate mission for the very survival of the Church and all it holds dear.

Can they preserve the memory of its central belief before its archenemy erases it forever?Holy Shroud is the first book in the inventive bestselling Order of Thaddeus action-adventure thriller series leveraging the familiar conspiracy suspense and special-ops thrill of James Rollins, wrapped in the historical insight of Steve Berry and inspiration of Ted Dekker.

Holy Shroud Order of Thaddeus Book 1 #ad - Embark on this new action-packed adventure by emerging author J. Proof he believes has been hidden all along within the Shroud of Turin, the Christian relic purported to be the burial cloth of Jesus. But a series of suspicious deaths and devastating attacks not only threaten Silas’s shocking announcement and those close to him.

A religious belief under siege.


Rite of Darkness Order of Thaddeus Book 7

EmmausWay Press #ad - A. Questions surround the identity of the man and his past, what he was carrying with him and why—and more importantly: why he appeared to be possessed by supernatural, his motives, demonic forces. Sounds like just the job for sepio, the muscular arm of the Order of Thaddeus, ancient defender of the Church, whose agents were caught up in the mayhem—and who fear all is not as it seems.

For two old acquaintances reappear from two agents' past lives to add a confusing, charged dynamic to the events. And when the truth of what has been unleashed threatens one of their own, the entire game changes—leading to a climax that will leave readers clutching their chest with frightful anticipation staring down the Devil himself.

Rite of Darkness Order of Thaddeus Book 7 #ad - With echoes of frank peretti and stephen King, heart-pounding, this page-turning, historically-rooted tale is ripe for a world plagued by a rise in frightening wickedness and a fascination with witchcraft. J. Will the world survive a rising demonic force?On Halloween, a raging psychopath unleashes a menacing evil that rivals recent mass shooting events—only this one is different.

Bouma combines faith, fact, and fiction like few writers to weave an explosively inventive religious thriller steeped in occult suspense that raises the stakes for the Order of Thaddeus like never before—taking the series and its characters in a direction that will leave fans speechless. Grab the 7th book in the bestselling religious suspense series readers say offers a "highly entertaining" and "compelling read"!

An occult past unearthed. Then the case takes a dramatic turn when evidence points to an unearthed occult history.


Original Sins The Vatican Knights Book 18

EmpirePRESS & EmpireENTERTAINMENT #ad - Inside the vatican, a cardinal receives spiritual insight about a deadly killer. Before kimball hayden became a vatican knight, he was the commander of the Pieces of Eight, a kill squad that worked as part of a black-arm force of the CIA. He kills with impunity and acts with the cold fortitude of a machine.

But as kimball hayden begins to see the negative cost of his actions, he slowly becomes the prey to a predator with absolute power. But when he begins to question the morality of his actions and the motives of his superiors, he is placed within the crosshairs by high-end principals who want to see him dead.

In a washington, D. C. Suburb, a family is executed by a government assassin. While flying at an altitude of 10, 000 feet, an editor of a newspaper is murdered. In the middle of the night as a bus leaves Washington, D. C. Travelers are gunned down in an act of terrorism. Watching from the shadows, however, are the elite commandos of the Vatican Knights.

Original Sins The Vatican Knights Book 18 #ad - When kimball hayden is deemed expendable by his peers, will the vatican interfere and offer him a way to the Light? Or will Kimball continue his path to Darkness and fall victim to those who wish him dead? From the bestselling author of the Vatican Knights series, Rick Jones weaves a tale of one man’s fall from grace, a rise to redemption, and a journey of rediscovery.


The Rosicrucian Prophecy The White Hart Book 2

#ad - Within days, a solitary conspirator is arrested as he prepared to set light to 36 barrels of gunpowder. Guided by vague leads left behind in the confessions of the original gunpowder plotters, three forgotten 17th-century German manifestos and the terrorists’ own demands, the White Hart have no choice but to plot their own assault on parliament, while frantically attempting to uncover the truth behind the legendary tomb.

. If the contents of the grave are not handed over, the Palace of Westminster will be subjected to an almighty blow at the reconvening of parliament. Over four hundred years later, a famous european socialite arrives in London on the fifth of November in a visit that has the potential to decide the UK’s future with the EU.

They were called The White Hart. As they are now…november 1604: an ancient grave is discovered in a subterranean crypt somewhere in the English countryside. With the entire building under lockdown, the terrorists’ demands are made clear. If the same mysterious demands made in 1605 are not met, the Palace of Westminster will finally succumb to its fate.

The Rosicrucian Prophecy The White Hart Book 2 #ad - For white hart agents mike hansen and kit Masterson, the simultaneous attacks are just the start of an unfathomable chain of events that threaten to tear a hole through the heart of British government. Exactly a year later, an anonymous letter delivered to King James I of England contains a shocking warning.

New release - the excalibur code - out nowthe white Hart Series:These books can be read in any order.


The Dark Temple Harker Chronicles Book 4

Canelo Action #ad - A primal evil. At a remote farmhouse outside turin, a mysterious religious exorcism goes horribly wrong, setting in motion a series of catastrophic events, that threatens to bring the world to its knees…Meanwhile, Professor Alex Harker is settling into his new life in the Templar Brotherhood, when he is suddenly whisked away to the Tower of London.

The Dark Temple Harker Chronicles Book 4 #ad - A gruesome rite. There he learns of a disturbing murder, and a strange riddle hinting at a sinister truth. Now the fate of the templars hangs in the balance, at risk from a powerful conspiracy, which, unbelievably, seems to lead back to the very source of evil: the Devil himself. A stunning conspiracy thriller you’ll have to read to believe,  perfect for fans of Scott Mariani, Chris Kuzneski and Dan Brown.

. A brutal cult.


The Spanish Papers: A Dan Kotler Archaeological Thriller

Happy Pants Books #ad - The división azul—the blue division—is a Spanish military force fighting for the Nazis against the Russians on the Eastern Front. They are skilled, cunning, and capable, acting as a scalpel on the battlefield and bringing Hitler one victory after another. They believe secrets give them powerworld war ii—hitler is obsessed with gathering ancient knowledge and artifacts from around the globe, in an effort to consolidate the wisdom and power of long-gone cultures and rule the modern world.

But unknown to hitler, preserving the most dangerous and powerful artifacts in a vault hidden deep in the mountains of the Sonoran Desert, an ancient secret order has infiltrated the ranks of the Blue Division, and are secretly working against Hitler's interests, in Arizona. Dan kotler—archaeologist and FBI Consultant—is back, along with his partner Agent Roland Denzel.

The Spanish Papers: A Dan Kotler Archaeological Thriller #ad - Together they race to solve the riddle of the Spanish Papers and to prevent a rogue organization from using the vault of ancient treasures to succeed where Hitler's forces failed. The fate of the modern world—and that of billions of lives—is at stake. This is the eighth full-length novel in the Dan Kotler Archaeological Thrillers, and it is a sequel to the exclusive short story The Jani Sigil, available on the author's website.