Chasing the Wind

Two Hats Creative Inc. - You should only be in love with flight. That’s the rule that roxy loewen – aviatrix, and protégé of the great Amelia Earhart – always lives by. Until she falls hard for fellow pilot Jocco Zomack and he leads her into a whole heap of trouble. A good thing, because this girl doesn't pack a parachute. Diana Gabaldon.

From african skies to a hot cellar in madrid, from gun running to the heist of the century, from the Berlin Olympics to the last flight of the Hindenburg, Roxy is just one step ahead of the Nazis – and one loop-de-loop from disaster. A barrel-rolling barn-burner of a book! Roxy's got a tender heart with a steel jacket, and the skill and courage to bring her in on a wing and a prayer.

Chasing the Wind - You should never fall in love with a flyer.


- 1665. On a dark road outside London, a highwayman stumbles upon slaughter. As plague grips the city, can the uneasy alliance of a thief, a thief-taker and an actress catch a serial killer? Winner of the Arthur Ellis Award for Best Crime Novel from the Canadian Crime Writers Association. A rich and addictive read, ideal for fans of historical fiction.

Publisher's weekly‘with kings and cripples, highwaymen and loose women, rats and rotters, you’d never think a lethal virus could be so much fun. Sunday sport uk'fast, exciting historical adventure, to be read in huge gulps. Well, and a few rats. London itself is as vivid a character as the actors, adventurers and intriguers who people its all-too-few pages.

Plague - Diana Gabaldon. A great read all round, and for my money Chris is better than Sansom and more than deserves equal success. Simon scarrow, Author of Centurion. Plague is one of those books where you turn the last page and wish there were more. The very best of history, mystery, romance and sheer fun. A runaway carriage of a book.

Past Prologue The MatchUp Collection

Simon & Schuster - Where should we go? all that we knew is gone, and all that we have is each other… In this short story from the thrilling anthology MatchUp, bestselling authors Diana Gabaldon and Steve Berry—along with their popular series characters Jamie Fraser and Cotton Malone—team up for the first time ever.


Counterpoint - Alone in the house, safe from the constant Allied air attacks, Liesl must attempt to keep the children fed with dwindling food supplies, and protected against the swell of desperate refugees flooding their town. When one child begins to mentally unravel, Liesl must discover the source of the boy’s infirmity or lose him forever to Hadamar, the infamous hospital for “unfit” children.

. It is the author’s attempt to reckon with the paradox of her father—a product of her grandparents’ fiercely protective love and their status as Mitläufer, Germans who “went along” with Nazism, first reaping its benefits and later its consequences. This page-turning novel focuses on the kappus family: Frank is a reconstructive surgeon who lost his beloved wife in childbirth and two months later married a young woman who must look after the baby and his two grieving sons when he is drafted into medical military service.

Motherland - Motherland is inspired by stories from the author’s father and his German childhood, and letters between her grandparents that were hidden in an attic wall for fifty years. The novel bears witness to the shame and courage of third Reich families during the devastating last days of the war, as each family member’s fateful choices lead them deeper into questions of complicity and innocence, to the novel’s heartbreaking and unforgettable conclusion.

Gunner Girls and Fighter Boys: Bermondsey in the blitz, and two lives changed forever The Factory Girls Book 3

Head of Zeus - She makes blitz time Bermondsey come to life' Abbie Scanlon, Amazon reviewer. Lots of twists and turns and I absolutely loved the way it captures all the spirit and nostalgia from those times. From the melting pot of war will come hardship and tragedy, as well as new, unexpected friendships and love affairs.

Here she finds dangerous work, new friends and rivals – and painful choices in love. A poignant saga of an east end of london family; their lives, loves, and losses during World War 2' Barbara Bee, Amazon reviewer. Praise for gunner girls and fighter boys: 'I learned so much, as the history of the Second World War was brought alive through vivid writing and wonderful storytelling.

May's elder sister, Peggy, is trapped in a stifling marriage to a small-time crook. With her home in ruins, she joins the ATS and becomes a gunner girl. London, 1939. From the bomb sites of london to the countryside of Surrey, to the Middle East this is one book which will take you on a journey like no other book ever written' Petra, Amazon reviewer.

Gunner Girls and Fighter Boys: Bermondsey in the blitz, and two lives changed forever The Factory Girls Book 3 - She will need it when a bombing raid destroys nearly everything she holds dear. Wartime heartbreak, short lived happiness and love, you can taste the debris of war and share the odd moments of emotions' Sue Thornton, sadness, Amazon reviewer. Amid the chaos of war, a route to freedom suddenly beckons and, along with it, new and passionate love.

As the blitz hits london, two sisters from Bermondsey find their lives changed beyond all recognition.

Night over Water

Penguin Books - In southampton,  the world's most luxurious airliner—the legendary Pan Am Clipper—takes off for its final flight to neutral America. September 1939. England is at war with Nazi Germany. Aboard are the cream of society and the dregs of humanity, all fleeing the war for reasons of their own. Set in the early days of world war ii, night over Water captures the daring and desperation of ordinary people caught in extraordinary circumstances—in prose as compelling as history itself.

. Shadowed by a danger they do not know exists. Look out for ken follett's newest book,  A Column of Fire, available now. And heading straight into a storm of violence, intrigue, and betrayal. 1 new york times bestselling author Ken Follett takes to the skies in this classic novel of international suspense.

The Twelfth Child: A Southern Saga The Serendipity Series Book 1

Bent Pine Publishing - A historical mystery set in the 20th century, this is a story of love, friendship and one woman’s struggle to survive America's Great Depression. This award winning book is the recipient of the FPA President’s Book Award Silver Medal and the Royal Palm Literary Award for Women’s Fiction. Now, at the tail end of her years, her best friend is accused of embezzling one million dollars and Abigail is helpless to save her.

She knows the truth of what happened, but will never have the chance to tell. An uplifting tale of trust, a piece of pride, a chunk of heart, love and friendship from a usa today bestselling author of Women’s Fiction… Papa wasn’t someone who’d flat out kill a person, until one day there’s nothing left but a walking around shell to do the cooking and laundry…thus begins the story of Abigail Anne Lannigan, but he surely knew how to destroy a woman from the inside…a slice of spirit, a willful daughter determined to overcome the past.

The Twelfth Child: A Southern Saga The Serendipity Series Book 1 - Leaving the shenandoah valley of the early 1900’s behind, Abigail finds a way to survive in a world of joblessness and speakeasy’s. Reminiscent of fannie flagg's "fried Green Tomatoes" the May-December friendship of these two unforgettable women is sure to settle in the soft spot of your heart. The twelfth child, told in the timeless tradition of Southern Fiction, is a novel rich with emotion, humor and tenderness.

Tales for Gullible Children

- Fortunately, Missoula is also home to a young man. A man with a mullet. Fearsome bearsnakes slither through the trees, and the actual Devil lurks in an alley downtown, a giant monster swims just below the surface of Flathead Lake, waiting to trick children into selling their souls. Together with his family and his best friend Bridger, Joe will cheat the Devil, battle the bearsnakes, and track the lake monster to its lair in a series of hilariously dramatic tall tales.

Uncle Joey to his nieces. A man named Joe. But who would you rather they learn it from, the TV, or Uncle Joey? It's the early 1990s, and Missoula, Montana is a town plunged into darkness and chaos. Along the way, they'll defeat a dragon, rescue a fair maiden, deflate Tom Brady, and even travel to the mystical land of Canada.

Tales for Gullible Children - If you enjoy lying to kids*, Tales for Gullible Children is the book you've been waiting for. Warning: book contains some naughty language.

Winter Journey

4th Estate - A fine fictional debut from a writer who's already made her mark' CANBERRA tIMES 'Profoundly moving, compelling and superbly written' AUStRALIAN WOMEN'S WEEKLY. When forensic dentist halina shore arrives in Nowa Kalwaria to take part in a war crimes investigation, she finds herself at the centre of a bitter struggle in a community that has been divided by a grim legacy.

Diane armstrong's bestselling fictional debut A mother's silence, a village with a terrible secret, and an Australian woman who travels to Poland to uncover the truth. What she does not realise is that she has also embarked on a confronting personal journey. Inspired by a true incident that took place in Poland in 1941, and a moving and confronting story of love, Diane Armstrong's powerful novel is part mystery, part forensic investigation, loss and sacrifice.

Winter Journey - Here is a consummate writer at the top of her form. A deeply moving and inspiring novel' GOOD READING 'A bold adventure of a novel.

The Gardener of Baghdad

- Two people, one city, different times; connected by a memoir. Can love exist in a city destined for decades of misery?Adnan leads a weary existence as a bookshop owner in modern-day, where bombings, war-torn Baghdad, corruption and assault are everyday occurrences and the struggle to survive has suffocated the joy out of life for most.

But when he begins to clean out his bookshop of forty years to leave his city in search of somewhere safer, he comes across the story of Ali, love and hope can still exist, Adnan rediscovers through a memoir handwritten by the gardener decades ago that beauty, the Gardener of Baghdad, even in the darkest corners of the world.

A Place Called Armageddon: Constantinople 1453

Sourcebooks Landmark - But now with 100, he can hear its desperate calls for his help, 000 Muslim soldiers outside its walls, as it can only be held by men and mercenaries as skilled in battle as Gregoras, of which few remain. Humphreys is one of the very best historical novelists around. Simon scarrow, bestselling author of the eagles of the empire seriesPerfect for fans of Bernard Cornwell, A Place Called Armageddon is an epic tale of one of history's greatest battles for one of the world's most extraordinary places.

Gregoras had vowed never to return to Constantinople, but his face, the cursed home that had betrayed and scarred not only his mind, for all to see. C. C. But the rewards of victory would not only be the glories of the battle, but the redemption of his name and his soul. His return home, will mean not only having to face the constant hum of arrow and cannon, but also Theon, though, twin brother.

A Place Called Armageddon: Constantinople 1453 - . And betrayer. And with him his beloved Sofia, lost when Gregoras was cast from his home, now bound to Theon in marriage.